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Youkai Ningen Bem Movie Japanese Subs

Kame's movie has just been released on DVD a few days ago and I am excited to watch it, with English subtitles of course. However, it will be some time before they will appear on the internet so to speed up the process I have ripped the Japanese subtitles from the DVD in hope that some kind soul will translate them.


Kame Sanctuary Prize

Wow, I haven't posted anything in so long due to work... Anyway, I was off to work again when I noticed a package and immediately my face lit up in joy! And inside was the Youkai Ningen Bem Famima Tote Bag! Thank you KameSanctuary for the wonderful prize, I will definitely take care of it! Here's a picture that I took of it with my phone:

  • Youkai Ningen Bem Famima Tote Bag

I was very surprised though of the quality of the bag; very different from the ones in Canada that aren't as durable and tend to rip after a while but this will last for a long time. I'm almost afraid to use it for fear of it getting damaged like the one I'm using at work but of very, very bad quality even though it's from HBO. I don't think it will last till the summer...

Ore, Ore English Trailer

The official website has posted the subbed version of the trailer we all have seen before, but this time it's subbed! I ripped the video off the website and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Just another reason to watch it again, right?

If you want to download it I have uploaded it to 4shared:

Happy 27th Birthday Kamenashi Kazuya!

I know I'm a day late (due to my internet connection) but I still want to make a birthday post for Kazuya :)

Kame Flip

One More Day!

One more day until Kazuya's birthday!


Ore, Ore Trailer

Kazuya Kamenashi's movie "Ore, Ore" has a new trailer that was recently released and I seriously can't wait for this movie! Courtesy of the "We Love Kamenashi Kazuya" community on Facebook here is the trailer, enjoy!

Two Days Left!

Two more days to Kazuya's 27th birthday!

Vampire Kame

Three Days Left!

Three more days until Kazuya's birthday!

3 days left!

Letter to Kazuya

I just finished writing my entry for Kame Sanctuary's "Love Letter for Kazuya" Contest. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and again, what a brilliant idea for the contest. I managed exactly 600 words, just enough according to the rules. I am looking forward to the results and wish everyone good luck in the contest!

Kamenashi Contest

There is a Kamenashi Contest being done by Kame Sanctuary and it's a fantastic idea! I will definitely participate as well and so should every Kame fan! Off to brainstorm my letter!

For details check out: